Strive to serve the community by empowering the youth, encouraging academic achievement, and advancing careers.


We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education, mentoring, and professional networking in our communities.  We focus on supporting the youth in maximizing their education and professional opportunities in a team-work environment and away from political and religious influences.  Our group is open to everyone interested in our mission and we encourage active participation to make our communities better by building character and professionalism.  We look forward to your participation and appreciate your feedback.  Together we grow and together we make ourselves better.

Zaid Brifkani President | Kurdish Professional

The Building Of A Professional

2nd Annual Kurdish Professionals Conference

Join us at TSU Avon Willams Campus on November 9, 2019 for thorough discussions and interactive sessions designed to illuminate the qualities of being a professional.


2nd Annual Kurdish Professionals Conference

Our 2nd Annual Kurdish Professionals Conference was held at TSU’s Avon Williams Campus on 11/9/19.

We were able to bring the community together for a night of networking, learning and updates on our organization. Guests were able to take advantage of our resume workshop, small business workshop and also a panel discussion on the importance of starting your network while in college. We were also able to honor community members who have contributed to organizing a clothing drive for displaced refugees in Rojava as well as a group discussion from the leadership.

Dinner and professional headshots brought the evening to an end. We want to thank all of our volunteers, members, community and our amazing sponsors for making this a successful event.

Group Photo!!

Kurdish Professionals Leadership Introduction

Taking a moment out ot honor community member which organized a clothing drive for displaced refugees in Rojava

What an attentive audience. Thanks for joining us.

Workshop anyone…

Panel Discussion.

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